Your AncestryDNA results are in !!!!

Your AncestryDNA results are in !!!!

A while back I sent in my DNA to be tested through Ancestry. Below are my Ethnicity Estimate results.

My DNA Results

I was a little disappointed that there really wasn’t anything surprising to me, as I know that my Dad’s family is all from Great Britain. I don’t know what I was hoping for… a little more variety perhaps? Some big family secret?

I mentioned before that my Mom was adopted at birth, so of course the people that I called my Grandparents are nowhere to be found in my DNA results. Duh. What I do have is a large amount of matches for the Smith and Taylor families – who were her birth father and mother’s surnames. I’ve never met anyone of them yet, although I hope to one day! The next time I find myself in Michigan I will be sure to say hello. If nothing else, it confirmed for me that the names we came to know as my Mom’s birth parents were absolutely correct.

I have to admit that I was hoping for more matches on my Dad’s side of the family as Apps was my surname at birth and I feel more of a connection to this side of the family. Does that make sense?

So, to aid in my search for more Apps’, a few weeks ago I asked my Dad to spit into a tube for me and I sent in his DNA sample to Ancestry. Well, just in time for Father’s Day yesterday, I received an email that the results are in!! Take a look below…

My Dad’s DNA Results

It seems his results are not too much different than mine. England, Wales & Northwestern Europe – I’m at 89%, my Dad is at 82%. Norway – I’m at 9% and my Dad is at 4%. Ireland and Scotland – I’m at 2% and my Dad is at 12%. He also seems to have 2% from Sweden.

What interests me more and what I will be looking into over the next little while are the actual DNA matches. I’m hoping to contact some of them and see how we are related. Looks like there are 237 matches that are 4th cousins or closer, which means that I have quite a bit of work ahead of me …

Also, as a sidebar…with the two of us having 3,443 centimorgans of shared DNA – there is no question that my Dad is indeed my Dad… 🙂

Happy Father’s Day !!