Foundations – Week # 1 (2022)

This week’s theme of “Foundations” brings to mind the foundations or the building blocks of a home.

In terms of family history, this makes me think of some pictures that were recently shared with me of my Paternal Grandparents, Margaret (Newitt) and Eddie APPS who built their first home at 4659 Georgia Street in Burnaby, British Columbia. They settled in Burnaby (via Hornby Island and then Royston) not long after immigrating to Canada from Britain in 1947.

I’ve written a fair bit already about both Margaret and Eddie’s involvement in WW2 which led to their growing desire to join Margaret’s family (who had already come to Canada) for a more peaceful life.

To find more about their home and this time in their lives, thankfully I was able to access an audio interview that I found online in January of 2020. See my previous blog post about this APPS-olutely Amazing Discovery here. The interview was recorded on February 22nd, 1990 with my Grandpa, Eddie and was done for the Centennial Oral History Project. It can be found on the Burnaby Heritage Website. Below is a quote from the biography information for Eddie taken from the website.

In 1948 Ed Apps bought his first lot, for $150.00, in the 4700 block on Georgia Street, building houses there and in the 4100 block before buying his present home, a ca.1900 farm building, in the same area in 1954. North Burnaby was “bush country and orchards” in the 1950s; his two sons played in the ravines; and the family used the tram system on Hastings and Boundary Road for transportation.”

Building the foundations of their home at 4659 Georgia Street, Burnaby

The home in all of these pictures I am sharing was located at 4659 Georgia Street. It doesn’t look like a big home, but it was theirs! The house the APPS built! The real shocker for me was to see that they paid an incredible $150.00 for this lot in 1948. Wow. It also seems they moved a couple of times before settling into their gorgeous place in the 4800 block of Triumph Street with a stunning view from Capitol Hill. The house on Triumph would be the home that I remember visiting as a child.

A visit from Granny.
The Apps family circa 1949

Moving to Canada and settling in Burnaby gave the Apps family the foundation to build a life together in Canada. I am grateful for the risks, sacrifices and hard work needed to lay that foundation for all of us.

Happy New Year!

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  1. January 5, 2022 at 6:24 pm

    How sweet to see the house under construction like that! I recently discovered some oral (and video) interviews that astonished me. How wonderful that people thought to preserve these.

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