Week # 1 – Beginnings / 52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks Challenge for 2021

2021 brings with it another whole year of Amy Johnson Crow’s 52 Ancestors Challenge. Here we are again back at the beginning in Week # 1 and very fittingly, the first writing prompt is Beginnings.

Oh, let’s go back to the start…”

I’ve already gone over the story of how I began to be interested in my family history in one of my very first blog posts, so I’ll just sum it up here quickly. The story is that my Mom was adopted when she was just a wee little baby in Los Angeles, California. Back then, before the internet, the adoption records were sealed and her parents claimed to know nothing of the birth family (spoiler alert, they lied). My Mom’s desire to find her place and where she fit in were what began the search. Even after knowing those answers, I continue researching our family’s history because the more I look into our ancestors the more I learn about the kind of people that we come from. Our history is rich with so many resilient, brave characters and many, many strong, intelligent females. I enjoy learning about them and from them long after they are gone.

2021 is also a new beginning for me, as my husband and I are now officially retired and I hope to be able to take more time to delve a little deeper into our family’s collective histories. I have a few little projects that I hope to spend some more time on. For example, I’m very curious about the French Canadian family on his Father’s side and would love to learn more about his Scottish heritage on his Mother’s side.

I’d also love to take a trip down to Vancouver to see where my Grandfather’s memories/account of WW2 is displayed at the Vancouver Holocaust Centre or to SFU where my Great Aunt had donated her research. There are so many avenues I want to explore and hopefully 2021 will allow for some genealogically based travel. If not, we will wait until it is safe to do so and take advantage of the archives that are available to us all online.

I also hope plan to start the year off more organized, I’ve been taking apart my family history binders and creating a space for each relative. I will be making lists and staying focused. I will be writing down my sources! I will be backing up my research. I’m excited for a new beginning.

I’ve also quite recently updated my blog with a new theme on WordPress, it was just time for a change, a new beginning as it were. I think it looks cleaner. Thoughts?

Another random thought I had was that in today’s day and age, so many of us spend countless hours staring at screens watching…what? Watching other peoples lives, other peoples stories, other peoples history. I am (still) choosing to spend altogether too much time staring at a screen or a book, but with the hopes of learning more about our family, our lives, our history. At least, for me anyhow, it feels a little more productive. I’m uncovering family, I’m recording information, I’m learning history and our family’s place and contributions. I’m left feeling proud, fulfilled and excited to learn more.

Let’s be honest here, the truth is, I would much rather spend time doing Ancestry than to clean my house.

Here’s to new Beginnings! Happy 2021 Everyone!

One last thought, for whatever reason, maybe because I’m missing my son (who is away at University), I’ve had this Coldplay song in my head all day. I feel like the lyrics are sort of fitting for today.

Come up to meet you, tell you I’m sorry
You don’t know how lovely you are
I had to find you, tell you I need you Tell you I set you apart
Tell me your secrets and ask me your questions
Oh, let’s go back to the start

  1 comment for “Week # 1 – Beginnings / 52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks Challenge for 2021

  1. Jaiden Wright
    January 5, 2021 at 8:24 pm

    I am missing you too mom… every day. I love you ❤

    Liked by 1 person

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