Do What You Love

Do What You Love

“Do What You Love.”  

That’s what the front of the journal says that my daughter had bought for me last Christmas… well, one of the things that I love to do in my spare time is ANCESTRY.  It’s been a hobby/obsession of mine for well over a decade now.  Why did I start?  What was the thing that originally got me interested?  Thinking back on that, maybe it was because growing up I remember my Mom talking about finding her birth family.  She was adopted as a baby in California and knew very little about where she came from.  I remember how much it affected her, hearing her talk about that feeling like she didn’t quite fit in. Why did she have curly hair? Where were her people?

It was much harder back then (in the 80’s) to trace your history.  The internet has upped the game forever.  She tried contacting adoption agencies in California but many records were sealed. From what I understood at the time, each party… the parents giving up the child and the child being given up for adoption both had to request to have the information released.  You could not track down and contact a birth parent on your own. Of course this was before DNA testing and the internet!!  Somewhere along the line my Mom had been told that her birth mother had died at the young age of 29.  She was desperate to find her birth father, or any other blood relatives.  I’ve always been very close to my Mom so I can’t imagine not having that connection.

I used to imagine that my Grandmother was the Queen of England.  She had curly hair!

Canadian Dollar

Or perhaps because she was born in Los Angeles her mother was someone famous!!  Wouldn’t that be exciting? My interest was piqued.  It’s been a lifelong search and adventure.  What else could I find if I looked?  What other secrets would I uncover?  Ancestry/Genealogy for me is a way to solve puzzles, mysteries and pay respect to my grandparents and all of those who came before.  How one decision that was made a hundred years ago led to the here and now.

So many questions and “what-ifs.”  What-if my Mom was adopted by another family, what if they hadn’t moved up to Vancouver?  Well, I wouldn’t be here.  What if my Dad’s parents hadn’t made the decision to leave England to join my great aunt in Canada… well, you get the idea.  I LOVE history, family history and how our family fits into history.  Over the years I have found out some pretty cool information.  I’m looking forward to sharing/documenting some of that here.

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